Conference dinner

Conference dinner

The conference dinner will take place on Tuesday the 14th of July in restaurant “Museu da Cerveja“. This will include a visit to the Beer museum with beer tasting (30min.)
Guests can choose between a meat, fish or vegetarian menu.
Each conference attendee can bring one accompanying person. The price is 40 euro per person.


Six thousand years ago several civilizations around Mesopotamia started to produce beer. Portugal is an heir of that tradition. The first Museum of beer in Portugal was founded in Lisbon to celebrate this tradition alongside with Angola, Brazil, Mozambique, Cape Verde and Saint Tomé and Prince. Where there is beer, there is also exquisite gastronomy and fine snacks. That’s why along with the museum there is the Beer House, a place with a unique ambience. In the Beer House the codfish cake and other snacks complement beer in perfection.
When visiting the Museum on the first floor, the visitor can appreciate its historical relevance on the Portuguese beer heritage and a space of celebration of life where fellowship is associated with the flavors of beer and good food.
Here the evening conviviality is made with the typical Lisbon steaks, with the codfish cake and seafood, everything with a good beer of course.
This exquisite gastronomy is associated with the most important beers of the Portuguese speaking countries.

Directions to the Conference Dinner

 From the conference venue (Olissippo Oriente), go to the Oriente Metro station


Take the Metro Red line (direction: S. Sebastião) (Metro network below) until the stop S. Sebastião. Here, you will change to the Blue line (direction: Santa Apolónia) and get off at Terreiro do Paço.

Then, follow the map below to reach the restaurant and museum.
The journey takes approximately 30 minutes.

Metro Network


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