The training objectives of the proposal are to provide a broad insight in nuclear imaging and radionuclide therapy to young researchers and give them a specialization in several of the following fields: PET/SPECT imaging, soft matter, and in nuclear-, organic-, polymer- and radiopharmaceutical chemistry. Education in these fields is imperative to achieve highly-educated health-associated professionals with career prospects both in academia and industry. Training will be provided based on the proposed high quality, innovative, state-of-the-art research.

The training program will be divided into three parts: a research program, competence program and personal development program. The research program concerns activities related to the doctorate work, the competence program includes special workshops meant to broaden the knowledge of the fellows beyond their PhD research and increase their employability. Finally, the personal development program is related to the accomplishing of other complementary skills such as management, language, presentation or other transferable skills.


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