Summerschool 2013

Trace ‘n Treat Summer School 2013

As part of the Summer School of the Trace ‘n Treat project several workshops and visits were organized in September and October 2013.

Trace ‘n Treat Educational Workshop on Development and Application of Radiopharmaceuticals

In the week of September 30st, 2013 a Trace-‘n Treat Educational Workshop was held on the development and application of radiopharmaceuticals at the Reactor Institute Delft.

The workshop was divided into two parts: one day was reserved for general introduction to radioactivity including practice; the following three days covered topics related to radiopharmaceuticals, such as:

  • Production of radioisotopes
  • Radiolabelling of molecular and supramolecular carriers
  • Clinical and pre-clinical research related to radiopharmaceuticals

School visit

On October 4th, 2013 eight PhD students of the Trace ‘n Treat project organized a school visit at the Reactor Institute Delft for the students of the Portsana College. The programme consisted of an introduction on nuclear radiation, a conducted tour in the reactor as well as presentations by the PhD on their fields of research.

F-18 workshop and site visits

In the week of October 7th, 2013 a two-day workshop was organized by the VU University Amsterdam for Trace-‘n Treat Fellows. In the same week the fellows visited IDB Holland as well as Urenco Holland.

Trace ‘n Treat Workshop: Hands on soft matter: Theory and Experiments

From October 14th until October 17th, 2013 an introduction workshop to various aspects of Soft Matter theory complemented by hands on experiments was held at the Chemical Engineering department of the Delft University of Technology. The programme of this workshop consisted of lab tours, presentations and trainings on different techniques related to the physic-chemical properties of soft-matter assemblees.


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