Subprogram 1

Development of new production routes for radionuclides and radionuclide generators

Radionuclides with high specific activity (i.e. “radioactivity without or with little mass”) are an essential part of nuclear imaging and radionuclide therapy. Radionuclides with negligible mass have the advantage that they have negligible effect on biological and chemical processes taking place in the body, reducing in this way adverse effects, typically occurring when other common cancer drugs are used.

The production of radionuclides with high specific activity is far from trivial and new approaches are necessary to break the status quo in this field. This subprogram will aim, on the one hand, at the development of novel or improved production routes for ‘neutron rich’ radionuclides and on the other hand, on the preparation of alpha emitters.

The ‘neutron rich’ radionuclides will be produced and characterized by TU Delft, RIH using the nuclear reactor facilities located in their department. The production of alpha emitting radionuclides, being their specialty, will be carried out in close collaboration with the Alpha Immunotherapy group of Nuclear Chemistry, ITU. The possibility to use enriched stable isotopes in the neutron irradiations will be explored in an attempt to further increase the specific activity of radionuclides.

Furthermore, part of the project will be related to the improvement of existing, and the development of new radionuclide generators.

Radioisotopes and radionuclide generators for nuclear imaging and radionuclide therapy to be incorporated in the molecular and supramolecular carriers will be delivered during this subprogram

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