Subprogram 2

Development of chelators molecules and linking strategies to molecular carriers and block copolymers

This subprogram has two major breakthroughs to be realized, firstly to develop novel chelating molecules and secondly to link existing chelating molecules and targeting vectors to block copolymers.

A small library of polymers will be synthesized enabling the development of various molecular carriers with optimal binding properties for medically interesting metals (e.g. Ho, Lu etc). The developed molecular carriers will be analyzed using NMR spectroscopy and IR spectroscopy for structure elucidation and GPC for molecular weight analysis.

In the second approach, already existing chelating molecules will be linked to copolymers containing functional groups (i.e. reactive succinimidyl esters). Comparing both approaches, the most potent chelators will be selected. Peptide sequences will also be linked to the polymers and block copolymers in order to enhance the selectivity of the developed chelating molecules.

Molecular carriers and modified block copolymers for self-assembly and radiolabelling will be delivered in this subprogram.

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