Subprogram 3

Optimization of supramolecular carriers and in vitro internalization evaluation

In this subprogram both commercially and chemically modified block copolymers will be studied.  In this workpackage nano-carries with different morphology, dimensions, physicochemical properties (persistence length, corona chains and/or charge density, self-assembly kinetics) will be prepared and characterized. The presence of labelling entities and targeting agents can strongly influence the self-assembly process and the physicochemical properties of the block copolymer carriers and needs to be extensively studied. Internalization studies will be performed to investigate whether the carriers are taken up by selected for this purpose cells and to determine the internalization rate.

The best performing nano-carriers will be subsequently optimized according to their in vivo performance (carried out in subprogram 5).

Supramolecular carriers with various morphologies and selected physicochemical properties will be delivered during this subprogram for in vivo evaluation.

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