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As part of the Trace ‘n Treat project lecture videos and Wikipedia websites were made by our PhD students.

D8.6 Wikipedia Scandium-44, by Ana de la Fuente, JOGU Mainz
D8.6 Wikipedia Micellization and phase transitions, by Alexandra Arranja, ICS-CNRS
D8.6 Wikipedia Block Copolymer Micelles, by Laurence Jennings, ICS-CNRS
D8.6 Wikipedia Preclinical SPECT, by Oleksandra Ivashchenko, MILabs
D8.6 Wikipedia Octreotide, by Costanza Santini, Erasmus MC
D8.6 Wikipedia Generador_de_Tecnecio-99m, by Vallin Garcia Cruz, TU Delft
D8.6 YourFormula Poloxamers: from dishwasher tablets to treating cancer, by Karolina Morawska, UGhent
D8.6 YouTube video 18F hand synthesis by Johan Postema, MHH

Oleksandra Ivashchenko

Alexandra Arranja

Laurence Jennings

Vallin Garcia Cruz

Costanza Santini

Ana de la Fuente

Johan Postema

Karolina Morawska

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